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Between plains, lake, and mountain

The revival of an iconic station

While Destination Owl’s Head is a ski resort that greatly values its past, the resort is now turning to the values sought by tomorrow’s customers. To do so, major investments were needed, in particular to upgrade and modernize equipment, in line with the vision of a 21st century station.


“Owl’s Head has become a 4-season resort, renowned for its quality and being people-centred, inclusive, and in harmonious balance with an exceptional environment that boasts the unique combination of lake, plain, and mountain.”

Destination Owl’s Head is overflowing with one-of-a-kind features and assets that set it apart from other resorts:

A breathtaking panorama

The sharp peak of the mountain is one of the distinctive features that make Owl’s Head famous. The top of the summit provides visitors with a 360-degree panorama of the region and the vast expanse of Lake Memphremagog.

Lake, mountain, and plain

Owl’s Head boasts a unique environment combining lake, mountain, and plain. These three distinct geographical environments contribute to making Owl’s Head an exceptional location, in addition to offering visitors the opportunity to practise a host of sporting activities all year round.

Family warmth and soul

Owl’s Head has been developed by a family, for families. This warm spirit is conveyed not only through the environment, but also through its workers, giving Owl’s Head a special soul that continues to grow generation after generation.

A resort whose culture is rooted in the Eastern Townships

The relief of the Eastern Townships is quite unusual. Typical architecture, rural landscapes, and mountainous profiles come together in perfect harmony to create a happy marriage encouraging the discovery and preservation of its environment. Owl’s Head embraces these values which make the Eastern Townships a rich, enchanting region.

Combined, these assets put Owl’s Head in a class of its own as a resort and they have solidified its branding over the years. The ongoing relaunch operation in recent years aims to continue and reinforce this brand image which has made it the renowned Destination Owl’s Head.

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